Thursday, June 4

KKMM specifies KPI to telco companies to resolve customers’complaints


BATANG KALI: The Communications and Multimedia Ministry (KKMM) has placed the Key Performance Index (KPI) on all telco companies in the country with regard to resolving clients’ complaints.

Acknowledging that the broadband services in the rural and suburban areas were still weak, its minister Gobind Singh Deo said this could be seen from the rise in the number of complaints received from customers.

He said efforts at improving services must be initiated including creating a system to handle every complaint and the solution to be reached within the time stipulated.

“What is important is that we must improve the system to tackle every complaint submitted. It is not merely providing cheap and speedy services, in fact telco companies must also ensure that all complaints are resolved within the time specified,” he said.

“This matter is being given emphasis and we are in the process of looking at how telco companies can ensure that all complaints are resolved within a short time. We specify the KPI,” he added.

Gobind disclosed this after officiating the new Pos Malaysia office for Batang Kali and the Aidilfitri Gathering which was also attended by Pos Malaysia Bhd Independent Non-Executive Chairman Datuk Yasmin Mahmood at the grounds of the Post Office in Bandar Baru Batang Kali here yesterday.

He was asked to comment on the problem of breaching the broadband in rural areas voiced by the Malaysian Forum of Communication and Multimedia Users (CFM).

According to the CFM coverage quality complaint system, a total of 390 complaints by users who were dissatisfied with the internet quality in the outskirts of urban areas had been received up to May this year while 387 complaints on the same issue were reported for the whole of last year.

Meanwhile, Gobind said the ministry was satisfied with the products and services provided by Pos Malaysia Berhad as a player in the postal, courier, logistics and e-commerce industry in the country.

He said Pos Malaysia had approximately 8,000 postmen who were committed to send documents and parcels involving about three million addresses daily.

The success was supported by the land, air and water logistics for the comfort and convenience of the people. — Bernama