Friday, December 13

Plantation workers block road in protest


The photo of workers blocking the road that went viral on social media.

KUCHING: A group of Indonesian oil palm plantation workers protested against the assault of one of their colleagues by villagers in the area by blocking the main road at Simunjan-Gedong yesterday.

Sources said the workers confronted the villagers who went into the plantation to harvest the oil palm fruits which led to an altercation resulting in the assault on one of the workers .

The case was confirmed by Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief SAC Denis Leong Soon Kuai when contacted.

“The situation is back to normal after discussions with the police,” he said, when asked to comment on viral social media reports that claimed there was chaos at the plantation with Indonesian workers going amok and threatening to slash passersby.

Following the report, several personnel from the Simunjan district police headquarters were deployed to the scene to investigate.

Police are still investigating the incident further, and anyone who has details of the incident can contact the nearest police station.