Monday, November 18

Online buzz: What about Binatang, Nonok? Facebook users divided on proposed Sri Aman name change


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KUCHING: Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg’s proposal to rename Sri Aman Division as Simanggang Division has generated the most interest on The Borneo Post’s Facebook page since yesterday, with users split on the move.

Among those who supported the move was Tukong Bullah, who in a lengthy post, said the proposal has “historical logic”.

He even suggested that the former names of several other districts be restored, such as Binatang which is now Bintangor, Batu Tujuh (Kota Sentosa) and Nonok (Asajaya).

Echoing Tukong’s sentiments, Jeepson Gino said: “..after all I for one never call it Sri Aman but rather the original name of ‘Simanggang’.”

Esther Gladys Race also said: “Please give back their original names. How would you like to be renamed?”

Among those who disagreed with the move was Mohd Idrisfakaruddin Mohamad Suhaini who highlighted the inconvenience the change of name would cause.

“Bila tukar nama, signboard perlu tukar, kepala surat perlu tukar..byk benda perlu tukar. Ya semua kos…(When the name is changed, signboards have to change, letter heads have to change….many things have to change. Yes, all cost),” he wrote.

Damien Darez also pointed out that what Sri Aman really wanted was for its long-awaited hospital to be finally completed and not a change of name.

Screenshot of some of the comments users left on the Facebook post.

Also disagreeing with the move, Bungin Sagar wrote: “Daripada tukar nama bandar2 Di Sarawak lebih baik tukar YB2 yang tak productive…..(Instead of changing the names of towns in Sarawak, better replace elected representatives who are unproductive).”

Abang Johari had on Sunday night said he had agreed in principle to rename Sri Aman Division as Simanggang Division while Sri Aman shall retain its name as Bandar Sri Aman.

The chief minister said he will forward the proposal to the state cabinet and he hoped to have the support of all his ministers.

He said this at an event organised by Anak Perantau Melayu Simanggang, which was formed to look after the welfare of the people of Simanggang who migrated to Kuching and Samarahan to seek greener pastures.