Saturday, August 20

Rep welcomes RM1 bln deal, says repair of schools can finally begin


Dennis Ngau

MIRI: Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau is glad that the issue of funding the repair of dilapidated schools in Sarawak between the state and federal governments has been resolved, as it means that the works can finally commence.

He said despite much unnecessary red tape by Putrajaya, the Sarawak government’s decision to accept in principle the four prescribed legal mechanisms signalled the end of any further delays in providing rural schools with the much-needed facilities.

“All 22 primary and three secondary schools in Telang Usan need immediate attention, whether it is repairs or building new facilities such as multipurpose hall, sports field and others,” he told The Borneo Post yesterday.

He also said it was important that elected representatives be consulted in the implementation process, as they were the ones who would know best which schools needed to be prioritised for repairs.

“We (elected representatives) should be consulted to ensure targets in this school repair mission are met. Don’t do things behind our backs because as in the case of Telang Usan, I know exactly which school needs to be prioritised,” he said.

Dennis cited SK Long Bemang, SK Long Sobeng, SK Long Loyang and SK Long Luteng in his constituency as requiring priority, saying that these schools needed to be relocated to higher ground as they were badly affected by flooding each year.

He added that by working together, the two governments would be able to ensure all designated projects could be completed within the shortest time frame.