Wednesday, June 3

‘Being active in co-curriculum good for students’ devt’


Ling (sixth left) presents prize to a representative of  MRC contingent which won first place in the footdrill contest  while Ting (fifth right) and others look on.

SARIKEI: Active involvement in co-curricular activities can contribute towards leadership and communication skills among the students.

The Ministry of Education’s objective to include co-curricular activities in the education system is to instil sense of love, care and respect among students of diverse background.

Saying this was deputy chairman of SMK Tinggi Sarikei Management Board, Kapitan Ling Dien Yong, when he officiated at the closing of the school’s Co-curriculum Day yesterday.

He thus said it was compulsory for students from Transition to Form 5 classes to take up at least one sport, a co-curricular activity or join any uniformed body in the school.

He believed that students’ involvement in co-curricular activities would teach them many important lessons especially how to face challenges in life and find solutions to problems.

Among competitions lined up in conjunction with the celebration were footdrill, jungle survival cooking, setting up of tents, tug-of-war, and gadget-making.

Taekwando, Wu Shu and Brass Band groups, meanwhile, demonstrated their skills during the closing ceremony. The school principal Ting Sing Teck was also present at the function.