Thursday, August 6

Hospital assistant arrested over fake health cards


KOTA KINABALU: A health assistant at Ranau Hospital was arrested for allegedly selling fake health cards to restaurant and school canteen operators since 2014.

The suspect, aged 37, was believed to have sold numerous health cards for RM100 each, according to Sabah Deputy Commissioner of Police Datuk Zaini Jass.

Investigations at the early stage found that the suspect purportedly sold the cards using the stamp and signature of health officers who worked at the hospital, without their knowledge.

“Police found that information on the cards sold by the suspect was not registered and there was no payment record in the Sabah State Health Department system.

“The suspect had also reportedly used a fake signature of a health officer who had moved to West Malaysia since January,” said Zaini.

He said that the suspect was apprehended at home on July 10, where police also confiscated 25 health cards, three stamps belonging to health officers and one stamp belonging to Ranau Hospital.

The suspect had been released on police bail, said Zaini, while police await further instructions from the Deputy Public Prosecutor to proceed with the case.

“The case is to be investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code, which upon conviction provides for up to 10 years’ jail, with whipping and a fine,” he added.

Meanwhile, five premises with fake health cards were detected in Ranau, comprising four school canteens and one restaurant.

Zaini urged the public, especially food premises operators, to take the matter seriously instead of opting for the easy way out to obtain health cards.