Friday, August 12

7 Taiwan dental schools not recognised by MDC


KUCHING: Seven Taiwan dental schools have been excluded from the list of recognised degrees by the Malaysian Dental Council (MDC), according to its website on June 24.

The Taiwan dental schools originally recognised since 1996 are Taiwan University School of Medicine, National Defense School of Medicine, Yangming University School of Medicine, Taipei Medical University, China Medical University, Zhongshan Medical University and Kaohsiung Medical University.

All dental practitioners practising in Malaysia are governed by the Dental Act 1971 which gives recognition to the profession and allowed for the establishment of the MDC that functions as the regulatory body for the dental

Under the Act, every dental practitioner must be registered with the MDC and practitioners are also required to obtain an Annual Practising Certificate in order to legally practise dentistry in Malaysia.

The removal of the seven Taiwan dental schools from the list means that dental graduates from these institutions will not be able to work in government dental hospitals as intern or to commence private practice.

There are 176 dental schools recognised by MDC as posted in its website.