Tuesday, January 28

Students encouraged to join Police Cadet


Awang Arfian presents letters of appreciation to the police cadets.

SARIKEI: Students are encouraged to register as members of the Police Cadet as this uniformed body offers them a lot of benefits.

Sarikei District police chief Supt Awang Arfian Awang Bujang regards the Police Cadet as a good platform for students to acquire discipline, teamwork spirit and leadership skills.

Speaking when officiating at the district –level belated ‘49th Police Day’ celebration here recently, Awang Arfian also said the certificate of participation in the unformed body would give students an advantage when applying for placement in the police force.

He said being cadet members, they could act as the ‘ears and eyes’ of the police at school.

Ninety-five Police Cadets, including 12 teachers, took part in the Police Day parade here.

Of the total cadets, 30 were from SMK St Anthony, 25 from SMK Sungai Paoh, 10 from SMK Sarikei Baru, 25 from SMK Bandar Sarikei, and five from SMK Tinggi.

The event here was supposed to be held on March 31, but due to some unavoidable circumstances, it had to be postponed to this month, said Awang Arfian.

Later, he presented letters of appreciation to the Police Cadet students and teachers, who recorded impressive performance in their respective organisations.