Wednesday, January 22

A tiger licked his shoulder, and he lived to tell the tale


The tiger was seen prowling the streets of Kampung Besul, Bukit Besi in Terengganu.

DUNGUN: “Death was the only thing I could think of when the tiger licked my shoulder.”

That was how 68-year-old retiree Abdul Fatah Wan A. Rahman recalled his horrifying close encounter with a tiger on the loose in Kampung Seren, Bukit Besi, a surreal moment that was caught on camera and now going viral on social media.

Abdul Fatah said at 2pm yesterday, together with his wife Zarina Ahmad Khan and their children, he rushed over to Kampung Besul, Bukit Besi after hearing about two tigers that had been seen roaming in the village.

Excited, they joined the villagers in taking a closer look at one of the tigers, but unfortunately for Abdul Fatah, the wild beast suddenly jumped over from the bushes which led to the crowd running for their lives.

“It happened in a split second and I fell while trying to run away. When I tried to stand up, I could see the tiger licking my shoulders and using my hands, I quickly pushed its huge sized face away from me.

“The tiger then suddenly was out of my sight. I only had death on my mind that very moment,” he said when met at his house here today.

Abdul Fatah was slightly injured in the right wrist and left leg during that encounter, and is now suffering from fever, which he said was due to shock.

“I will remember this incident for the rest of my life and will surely tell my story to my children and grandchildren as a lesson for all.

Up to 9pm  the two tigers seen roaming the village yesterday have yet to be caught, although the Terengganu Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) has initiated a search and trap operation since 9.30am this morning. – Bernama