Sunday, December 15

Junz blames previous govt for weaknesses in ministry



KOTA KINABALU: There are weaknesses in the management of Sabah Agriculture and Food Industry Ministry (MAFI).

Its minister, Datuk Junz Wong, said since the commencement of his duties, he had noticed the weaknesses which were inherited from the previous government leadership and management.

He spoke to reporters following the Auditor General’s report for 2018 involving the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry Sabah (MAFI) and the audit was conducted in October 2018.

A step-by-step improvement measures had been taken and in progress since he (Junz) took over the ministry, which involve tasks that have not been implemented or carried out without complying with the procedures by the previous management, he said.

Junz also said he was confident with the new management team in the ministry and the collaborations between MAFI and the entire state public administration machinery.

He believed that MAFI would be an excellent organization and called on all MAFI employees and their respective departments and agencies to work together to improve on their weaknesses and delivery systems for the well-being of the people and the state of Sabah.

Feeling grateful towards the auditors who detailed on the weaknesses, Junz said they made it easier for him to take overall improvement measures and added that he did not want to give reasons but just to state the truth.

Junz congratulated the National Audit Department for conducting the audit in detail.