Friday, August 14

Tik Omar: Allah’s blessings not only for Muslims


MELAKA: Participants of the 2019 Nadwah Ulama Nahdhan Jadidan (Nunjin)(Gathering of Religious Scholars In New Awakening) Convention hope they can understand more deeply the ‘rahmatan lil alamin’ (A mercy to all creations) concept and idea discussed in the one-day event.

Police pensioner, Tik Omar Mohd Aton, 68, said that he took part in the convention to understand more deeply the actual meaning implied behind the concept and what the new government had done about it after they were mandated to administer the government.

“What I understand about Rahmatan Lil Alamin is that the people regardless of their race or religion must be united to continue the peace and union enjoyed today.

“To me, Islam is a religion which bestow god’s gifts not only to the Malays or Muslims but it is pluralistic in nature and must be shared by all regardless of who they are,’’ said Tik Omar who originated from Pontian, Johor.

He hoped that through the convention the participants could understand clearly the concept of rahmatan lil alamin to elevate Islam as a religion that brings mercy and compassion.

Sharing the same idea, Rokiah Kassim, 59, from Jitra, Kedah drew attention to the fact that Islam is a religion which brings good not only to the society and nation but it encompassed a wider space, namely, it is a blessing to all.

“Why must we differentiate between Muslims or non-Muslims whilst god makes us into various forms, skin colour, race and religion, surely there is a reason we are created as such,’’ she said. — Bernama