Wednesday, December 8

Dennis: More efforts needed to promote Sarawak Day


Dennis (second left) leads the students and teachers of SK Ubong Imang in flying the Sarawak flag during the parade.

LONG LAMA, Telang Usan: More concerted effort must be undertaken by all quarters especially the state government to promote the celebration of Sarawak Day which falls on July 22.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau said this is to instil the spirit of patriotism, especially among the new and future generations, on why July 22 is very significant.

“It cannot be denied this date had brought so much change and development to our state of Sarawak. As a colony Sarawak did not receive much benefit from its resources because they were brought back to the country that colonised it.

“As Sarawakians, we must realise and understand what it was like before we gained our independence and self-rule,” remarked Dennis at the Sarawak Day celebration organised by SK Ubong Imang Long Lama yesterday.

He said the new generation ought to understand that the good things taking place in the state including in the rural areas like Telang Usan did not just happen out of the blue, but through shear hard work of the state’s leaders.

“The reasons why the state government then under the leadership of the former chief minister the late Tok Nan (Pehin Sri Adenan Satem) decided to mark this day is to remember and thank our past leaders who struggled hard to achieve independence,” he added.

Dennis praised SK Ubong Imang headmaster Samuel Iwat, the school’s parent-teacher association and all teachers for initiating the Sarawak Day celebration at the school; probably the only school in his constituency to hold such event.

“It is not easy and the fact that you all sacrificed your day off just because you love our children made me decide to be here today with you to celebrate in our modest way our Independence Day.

“Holding this Sarawak Day celebration will further enhance students’ understanding of the importance of keeping the harmony in the state,” he added.