Tuesday, May 18

Establishment of Mineral Development Authority of Malaysia being studied


PUTRAJAYA: The Water, Land and Natural Resources Ministry is studying the establishment of Mineral Development Authority of Malaysia to spur the development and governance of the mineral industry in a specific and holistic way including its regulations.

Department of Mineral and Geoscience Malaysia (JMG) Director-General Datuk Shahar Effendi Abdullah Aziz said it was important to set up a framework for the development of rare earth minerals and related industry so that all parties could play their respective roles effectively.

According to him, rare earth minerals were the key ingredient in the production of new technologies for the aviation, transportation, medical and telecommunications industries because of its unique atomic arrangement in producing energy efficiency and lower emissions of exhaust gases as well as manufacturing smaller but more powerful equipment.

Shahar Effendi said the ministry through JMG was also evaluating potential minerals as a source of new wealth to the country such as lithium, tin, tungsten, manganese and rare earth elements.

“The results of the study will be the base for the development policy which will be guided by sustainable mining principle in ensuring the sustainability of the environment and the safety of the people,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Like other minerals, he noted that rare earth mineral mining activities are subject to the State Mineral Enactments administered by the State Land and Mines director and the Mineral Development Act 1994 (Act 525) which was administered by JMG.

“Any excavation work, exploration or mining should be licensed or authorised according to the law,” he said. — Bernama