Dog catchers capture two strays at Reservoir Park after jogger bitten by suspected rabid canine


Local council and Department of Veterinary Services personnel making their rounds at the park.

KUCHING: Two stray dogs at Reservoir Park have been captured by dog catchers from the local council after it concluded its sweep of the area today.

Authorities revealed that one dog had been captured yesterday, while another one was caught today.

The operation was carried out after a man in his 50s was bitten by a suspected rabid dog as he was in the midst of stretching near a shed next to the main entrance of the park at around 5am yesterday.

“I was jogging up a hill towards him (the victim) when I saw a black dog creeping up on him. The dog suddenly pounced on the victim and bit him on his abdomen,” said a witness and a friend of the victim when met at the park today.

After attacking the victim, the dog quickly turned around and fled to a nearby hill on the left of the main entrance.

“I was angry at that moment and wanted to whack the dog with the rattan stick that I was carrying,” said the man.

He later clarified that he was carrying a rattan stick as a security measure after hearing that two female joggers were attacked by a dog a day earlier in the park.

The man could not confirm whether it was the same dog which attacked his friend and the two female joggers.

Dog catches confirmed that a black dog as described by the victim was caught this morning.

“The dog acted very aggressive despite being shot with a tranquiliser dart. It (dog) tried to fight back but was eventually subdued and caged,” said the dog catcher.

The operation to catch the remaining stray dogs (believed to be around three) was however called off at 4.15pm due to rain and the absence of strays in the vicinity.

“During our rounds, we detected many areas where these dogs could come in and out of the park. There are also a few areas which we suspect are the dens of these stray dogs,” he added.