Sunday, September 20

International school raises funds for NGOs at charity bazaar


Students selling Italian food at the bazaar.

KUCHING: More than RM4,000 were raised for the Sarawak Children Cancer Society (SCCS) and Kuching Autism Association (KAA) at a charity bazaar organised by Borneo International School (BIS) recently.

The bazaar, which was held in conjunction with the school’s International Day last Saturday, saw students dressed in national costumes from different countries while classes were adorned with national flags of the countries represented at the school.

They also set up food stalls selling many diverse and delicious food and beverages.

“The charity bazaar gave students an incredible exposure to the wider world we live in as well as to have respect for different nationalities, cultures and customs.

“It was amazing to see the diversity of nine different nationalities being celebrated under one roof in a joyous and festive fashion,” said BIS principal Florence Chew in a statement.

She noted that the bazaar also served as an opportunity for the school to give back to the community.

“We thank all our teachers and parents for their contribution and helping out to organise the bazaar and of course, to those who attended,” she added.

Visitors to the bazaar were also treated to a line-up of activities including a pet expo by VH Green Park, Urban Box Hamster Ball, Boon e-hover boards and Wowsome photo booth.