Sunday, July 12

No ‘Ghost Smoke’ candy sold in Miri — Ministry


MIRI: The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs here conducted checks at 84 premises such as supermarkets and sundry shops on Thursday to track down the sale of ‘Ghost Smoke’ candy.

Its chief Joe Azmi Jamil said inspection carried out at 44 premises in Miri, 17 in Marudi and 23 in Niah found no sale of the candy.

According to him, the inspection was being carried out on a daily basis since early this week and that his enforcement team will continue to monitor the issue closely to ensure that Ghost Smoke candies are not sold here.

On Thursday, the state ministry busted the main distributor of the Ghost Smoke candy in Sarawak where a total of 1,128 pieces valued at RM340 were seized.

The existence of the candy came to light after a video surfaced on social media showing three children from a school in Kota Kinabalu ‘having a smoke’ with the candy.

Members of the public who come across any shop selling ‘Ghost Smoke’ candy or its knockoff version ‘Chost Somke’ are urged to contact the ministry either by emailing to [email protected] or to sent a tedxt via Ez ADU smartphone application or WhatsApp at 019-2794317 or contact its hotline at 1-800-886-800 or the ministry’s office here at 085-412862.