Friday, December 13

Companies need to support and adopt local technology


The local market are urged shed its scepticism regarding Malaysian based digital services and products in order to drive the country’s digital economy forward.

KUALA LUMPUR: To spur the local technology industry, local companies are encouraged to support and adopt local technology, a tech company here urged.

Basis Bay, a provider of Sustainable Cloud and IT Infrastructure Services Group chief executive officer Datuk Praba Thiagarajah shared his views and experiences regarding key issues plaguing the tech industry.

During the dialogue session at Digerati50, which was organised by Digital News Asia, many entrepreneurs expressed their frustration that local players offering digital services and products are received with much scepticism within the local market.

“Despite the situation improving slowly, many local technopreneurs are still struggling to gain trust and recognition from some of Malaysia’s largest companies in adopting local technology, preferring to do business with foreign providers.

“Companies should have trust that local technopreneurs are indeed capable of delivering high quality digital products, services and solutions that rival our international counterparts,” said Praba.

He added, “Basis Bay has been providing data center services and solutions successfully for over two decades and even expanded its footprint into 22 countries worldwide while managing data center needs of numerous banking and financial companies. The local market should shed its scepticism regarding Malaysian based digital services and products in order to drive the country’s digital economy forward.”

The Digerati50 Networking Cocktail event, which is in its second year running, brings together top tech entrepreneurs that are helping to shape Malaysia’s Digital Economy. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was the guest-of-honour at the event who also participated in a 90-minute dialogue session with the Digerati50 technopreneurs.

During the key-note session, Anwar expressed that Malaysia’s technopreneurs are a source of pride. Many have had a startling amount of success despite minimal support from the government.

Anwar also mentioned that he is considering giving due recognition to the top homegrown tech companies by way of acknowledging those who are successful and have contributed to the nation.

“We need to support our local technopreneurs and empower them. There is a need to move as a nation by focusing on the correct priorities whilst ensuring sustainability and inclusivity. I also stress the importance of ensuring that ethical dimensions are not forgotten as we pursue digital transformation,” said Anwar.