Saturday, February 29

Housewife loses RM3,000 to parcel scam


Supt. Mustafa Kamal Gani Abdullah – Bernama file photo

KUCHING: A housewife lost RM3,000 to a parcel scam after she was tricked by a social media friend who was said to deliver ‘a gift parcel and a dollar prize’ to her.

In a press statement today, Sarawak Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) chief Supt Mustafa Kamal Gani Abdullah said police received a report on the incident involving a 35-year-old victim from Kuching on Sunday.

He asserted that the victim was tricked by a female suspect who claimed that there was a parcel from United Kingdom (UK) to be delivered to the victim.

“The suspect allegedly told the victim that the parcel to be delivered to the victim was detained by the KLIA Customs and that the victim was required to pay RM3,000 for delivery insurance.”

“The suspect also allegedly told the victim that if she did not make the payment, she would be fined RM500 a day,” he revealed.

Mustafa Kamal said the victim then proceeded to deposit RM3,000 to an account of an unknown individual on July 26.

He added that the victim only realised that she was cheated when the suspect allegedly requested for additional payment of RM18,500 in order for her to obtain the ‘UK Confirmation Letter’ as the suspect alleged that the parcel contained money in dollars – of which the victim did not make the payment as requested.

“For cases involving Parcel Scams, we have found that all the victims did not receive the parcel even thought they have made the payments.

“Still, there are few victims who fell for this and refused to take advice from their friends and family members,”he said.

He urged the public to never place any trust in any individuals whom they only met from social media as their backgrounds were unknown.