Monday, May 25

‘Get permit before extracting soil, rock material’


The lorry and backhoe loader seized by the Land and Survey Department.

KUCHING: The Land and Survey Department is reminding the public who wish to extract soil or rock material, to refer to the nearest Land and Survey office to avoid falling foul of the law.

In a statement issued yesterday, the department said its enforcement personnel seized a lorry and a backhoe loader in Kuching division on July 31 for extracting soil without a permit.

It said both heavy vehicles were seized as evidence, with the case being investigated under Section 32A State Land Code (Chapter 81).

“Members of the public are advised to refer any extraction of soil or rock material to the nearest Land and Survey office, to avoid having action taken against them,” it added.

The department also called on the public to channel information regarding such illegal activities to them by contacting 082-444111 (headquarters), 082-555999 (Talikhidmat) or by posting the information on