Monday, July 13

Ready to be a pioneer in the digital industry?


SARAWAK is slowly but steadily experiencing exciting changes as we embrace transformation to a digital economy.

These changes mean that more youths will take part in reshaping the landscape of many industries and create employment opportunities as well as new digital innovations.

The digital industry is a growing sector so there are plenty of opportunities for youths to explore.

If you do decide to explore digital sectors new to Sarawak, then consider yourself as one of the pioneers in the local industry.

From the medical sector to manufacturing, being a pioneer means you’ll be one of the first at creating something within your community.

Starting something, especially within the digital industry, might be fun but it also means you’ll be facing criticism and doubts from the people around you.

So, to bring about digital transformation, you need to have a resilient mind; so be bold and daring in pursuing your ideas.

You may need to think in unconventional ways, expose yourself to risks, ignore the sceptics, and stay focused in what you would like to achieve.

And being a pioneer also means you have to come up with a solid plan or roadmap with clear milestones.

By doing so, you can achieve success while at the same time gain support for broader digital transformation initiatives.

That being said, creating a clear roadmap also includes having sufficient capital for your start-up plans.

By doing so, it will allow you stay on track and be ahead of the curve.

Since the product or service you’re bringing to your community is also something new to them, you will need to make sure your concept is easy to understand.

This is especially important for e-entrepreneurs who are looking for potential customers.

And do bear in mind that as an entrepreneur, you are most likely looking to change an industry, either by improving its current operations or introducing a new product, concept, and service.

In addition to this, it’s important to know the preference of your potential users or customers.

So, look deep into what your users need as a whole and at the same time identify the gap between what has been offered out there and what is the latest trend.

For instance, one of the best local digital products that understand the needs of its targeted market is the Sarawak-based mobile wallet application Sarawak Pay.

A main feature that sets it apart from the rest of the mobile wallets is that it has a list of local merchants and billers for water and electric utilities.

So, it’s not only offering greater convenience but also making it easier for Sarawakians to transition into a cashless society.

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