Saturday, September 19

Bomba’s efforts in battling raging peat soil fires draw praise from netizens


A firefighter battling the fire at Permyjaya peat land on Sunday.

MIRI: Netizens have taken to Facebook to express their appreciation to the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) for their efforts in battling peat soil fires here over the past several days.

The words of encouragement and gratitude were posted after Bomba Miri chief Law Poh Kiong took to Facebook to apologise to Mirians for the worsening haze conditions in Miri.

“This morning (Sunday) is the worst compared with the day before after battling and putting out the fire.

“I feel very, very sorry for the inconvenience caused by haze; babies and kids sick, bad odour from the smoke and houses and cars getting dirty,” Law wrote in a post on Sunday.

Netizens responded by thanking the department for their commitment, especially as they had continued working throughout Hari Raya Aidiladha on Sunday.

“Not your fault Tuan Law, you and your brave men have done all you can. We cannot ask for more,” said one netizen, with dozens others posting similar messages.

Meanwhile, Law told The Borneo Post when contacted yesterday that Bomba personnel are in still in the midst of fighting peat soil fires.

“Last night (Sunday) we managed to put out the biggest fire inside the forest in Permyjaya and the condition in Miri is slowly getting better. The two-hour effort wasn’t easy but all my men managed, with strong mental and physical health,” he said.

He also called on private companies owning the land to do more in helping put out the fires by deploying their manpower and heavy machinery.

“The fires were started by humans and made worse by the dry weather and strong wind. The big companies should put more effort in putting out the fire on their land by bringing in more manpower and heavy machinery.”