Wednesday, August 4

Ministry’s new approach to get feedback at festive gatherings



KOTA BELUD: The Sabah Rural Development Ministry (KPLB) has taken on a new approach in celebrating religious and cultural festivities with residents in the Estet Sejahtera (Mesej) and Kampung Sejahtera villages in the state.

Its minister, Datuk Ewon Benedick, said the new approach introduced this year, is a community programme aimed at viewing progress and listening to the aspirations of those living in Mesej and Kampung Sejahtera villages.

At the same time, it would give the ministry an opportunity to listen to the inner thoughts and requests of the villagers, he said after an Aidiladha gathering at Kampung Sejahtera Song Song in Usukan, here yesterday.

“We started off (the new approach) with the breaking of fast events during Ramadan at a Mesej village in Bunang, Keningau, and to commemorate Aidiladha, we are now celebrating the festival at this (Kampung Sejahtera Song Song) village.

“We will continue with such programmes as they are among the two main projects for the ministry. For Christmas and Kaamatan (a harvest celebration), we will choose other Mesej and Kampung Sejahtera villages,” he added.

Ewon, who is also the Kadamaian state assemblyman, said there were 53 Mesej and 55 Kampung Sejahtera villages in Sabah.

He added that ministry’s recreation club donated two cows for the sacrificial slaughter. The meat was then distributed through the Kota Belud district office to asnaf (zakat recipients) and villagers. – Bernama