Tuesday, November 12

Curtin University Malaysia closes campus as haze continues to plague Miri


The situation in Kuala Baram as seen from the air shows smoke continue to steadily rise due to ongoing fires. Photo courtesy of Bomba

MIRI: Curtin University Malaysia here has decided to close its campus today due to the spiking Air Pollutant Index (API), recording hazardous and very unhealthy air quality in the area.

The campus which was already closed for half a day yesterday (Aug 13) had to close again today, with the management saying that it will continue to monitor the situation closely.

According to a statement from the university today, due to the hazy conditions in the areas around Curtin Malaysia, the campus took the precaution of cancelling classes temporarily so that its students and staff would not have to endure prolonged exposure to the smoke.

Its management will keep the campus community informed and the staff and students have been advised to stay indoors, wear face masks and stay hydrated, and the campus health centre is ready to provide assistance when needed.

The university anticipates the situation to improve soon and a schedule of replacement classes is already in place for the resumption of classes.

As of 12pm, the API reading in Miri was 126 while the readings at two other stations – Industrial Training Institute (ILP Miri) and SK Kuala Baram 2 – recorded a reading of 361 and 270, respectively.