Monday, September 20

Full electrification of Sarawak by 2025 – Dr Abdul Rahman


KUCHING: Sarawak is expected to achieve 100 per cent electricity coverage by 2025, thanks to the continuous efforts by the Sarawak government, Ministry of Utilities and Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB).

Assistant Minister of Rural Electricity Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi said, as of now, electricity coverage in the urban areas of the state is not a problem but some settlements in the remote areas still do not have 24-hour access to electricity.

“Some villages and longhouses have not been able to benefit from 24 hours of electricity, so the state government is continuously working to provide electricity to the affected areas,” he said.

He was speaking at Korban ceremony in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidiladha at the Ar-Rahman Surau of Kampung Temedak Melayu, Jalan Telaga Air over the weekend.

The event was organized by Pertubuhan Kebajikan Pekerja Islam (PKPI) of Sarawak Energy Berhad, the JKKK of Kampung Temedak Melayu and Surau Ar-Rahman. Dr Abdul Rahman, who is also Pantai Damai assemblyman, explained that for remote areas beyond the main grid, the Ministry of Utilities and Sarawak Energy supply electricity through solar panel or mini-hydropower dam.

Meanwhile, he said he would ensure that all houses in Pantai Damai constituency have 24-hour electricity supply by 2020.

“This is our goal to provide electricity to houses that were left out from the previous rural electrification scheme (RES) projects as well as to new houses,” he said.

Dr Abdul Rahman also advised the community to constantly check the electrical wiring in their homes to prevent any unwanted incidents.

Also present at the ceremony were SEB senior vice president Sulaiman Abdul Hamid and chairman of the SEB PKPI, Raden Chekra Muda.

Dr Abdul Rahman (left) hands Korban meat to a villager at the Ar-Rahman Surau of Kampung Temedak Melayu.