Monday, October 21

Ban Zakir Naik from coming to Sabah – SAPP


From left: Yong, Edward and Japiril

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) has called on the Sabah State Government to ban Zakir Naik from coming to Sabah.

Its deputy presidents, Datuk Richard Yong We Kong, Edward Dagul and Japiril Suhaimin, said Sabah’s immigration powers are meant to protect the harmony of Sabahans. India-born Zakir Naik is a controversial person being sought by his country of origin on alleged money laundering investigation.

Recently he has been making statements to the effect of interfering Malaysia’s administration and had caused ethnical tension.

A controversial figure like this should not be allowed to enter into Sabah, said the three SAPP leaders in a statement yesterday.

Should the federal government decided to let that “instigator” remain in Malaysia, they urged the Sabah government to ban him from coming to Sabah for whatever purposes.

“SAPP prefers him deported out of the country. As long as he is still in Malaysia, he must be banned from coming to Sabah.”

As for Dong Zong, Yong, Edward and Japiril pointed out that we all know that Dong Zong is an association of school committees whose sole purpose is purely education, and the future of our younger generation.

“Dong Zong is not a political organisation and is definitely not racist. Education is a matter that concerns everyone (all races) in the country. Therefore, by virtue of their role and duty to champion the best education for the country, Dong Zong has a duty to voice out what they feel is best for education, especially those affecting Chinese schools. These schools are success stories and have produced many, many useful citizens for Malaysia.

“Those of us who know the leaders of Dong Zong and the various school committees, we realise that they are ordinary citizens who care for the schools under their care. They have to spend much time, energy and their own money to support the schools. They also have to work tirelessly to raise funds to build the hardware and software in the schools. They also have to update themselves and do study tours in Malaysia and overseas in order keep abreast of the latest developments in the education sector.

“In Sabah, our Chinese schools are fortunate to have the support of the Sabah state government over the last few decades. It does not matter who the government of the day is, the government has always supported and given financial grants to Chinese schools. For this, the schools, Dong Zong and parents and students are grateful. They also contribute back towards society and the country. This is the positive spirit and culture of our beloved Sabah. This must be maintained and enhanced further.

“Therefore, we call on the federal government, the Sabah government, all the political leaders who are holding political power today, to be responsible and handle the issues of education properly and correctly. Do not agitate the people. Do not blame others for the failures of the government. Quickly solve the problems because that is why are you elected to be in power,” said the three SAPP leaders.