Monday, February 17

Man jailed 18 months for cheating


MIRI: A 27-year-old man was yesterday sentenced by the Sessions Court to 18 months’ jail and one stroke of whipping for cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property.

Judge Steve Ritikos ordered the sentence to run consecutively from the date of arrest on April 11, after taking into consideration an application made by DPP R. Rishan Kumar for stiffer penalties to be imposed as a deterrent. Besides, the accused is undergoing eight months’ jail for another criminal case.

Alvin Ong Yi Xiang, from Bandar Baru Permyjaya, was charged under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property.The section provides for a minimum one year jail, and not exceeding 10 years, and with whipping, and a possible fine on conviction..

Ong, who was not represented, committed the offence at 11.15am on April 4.

According to the brief fact of case, Ong had wanted to rent a house from the complainant’s mother at Dynasty Garden in Airport Road here on April 4.

Ong deposited RM1,600 into the complainant’s Maybank account at 7am, but later asked the complainant to transfer RM800 to his (Ong) bank account for he needed it as he had family problem. The complainant did.

At 11.15am of the same day, Ong said he had returned the (RM800) money, but the complainant said he had not received it. Ong insisted he had banked in a total of RM1,900 to the complainant’s Maybank account, through his BSN account,

The complainant checked his bank account and found that only RM1 was left in his account.

The complainant had also received confirmation from BSN Bank that there was no such transaction made by Ong.

The complainant then lodged a police report.

Ong was arrested at 3.15pm on April 11 at the station here.