Thursday, August 13

Over 400 places still affected by fires, API readings finally down


Firefighters hard at work putting out the ongoing bush fires in Kuala Baram. File Photo

KUCHING: The state Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) has recorded 429 cases involving wildfires from Aug 1 to yesterday (Aug 15) at 10.30pm.

In a statement released by Bomba today, a total of 1238 acres of land were affected by the forest, bush and peat soil fires.

As of 11.50pm last night, Bomba are still fighting the fires at 10 areas – which are Kampung Sedi, Pulau Bruit in Tanjung Manis; Kampung Sangki (Simunjan); Kampung Tuie, Sarabang (Betong); Taman Harmoni (Sri Aman); Kampung Rajang (Tanjung Manis), Jalan Marudi-Miri, Jalan Batang Lupar (Sri Aman), Kampung Medong (Dalat), Kampung Supak (Betong) and Lot 4041,4042 and 3709 in Kuala Baram.

Meanwhile, the current air quality has improved as all Air Pollutant Index (API) monitoring stations recorded significant reductions in their readings, with all stations recording moderate air quality.

According to data released by the Department of Environment (DOE) through the MyIPU app, as of 9am today, the highest API reading of 92 was recorded at the Industrial Training Institute (ILP) Miri station – a significant reduction in comparison to the API reading of 217 as of 3pm yesterday.

Sri Aman station had also recorded significant reduction in its reading, with an API of 62 recorded as of 9am this morning, in comparison to the previous reading of 195 as of 3pm yesterday.

The Meteorological Department had also recorded significant increase in the visibility in the aforementioned areas – with Miri recording a visibility of 30km and Sri Aman of 16km as of today.

Compared to yesterday’s reading, Miri recorded a visibility of 18km and Sri Aman of 10km.