Tuesday, November 12

Zakir Naik demands apology from HR minister Kulasegaran, lodges police report for defamation


Zakir Naik

KUCHING: A letter from controversial preacher Zakir Naik has been served to Human Resource Minister M. Kulasegaran, demanding an apology and “suitable compensation for the injury of the former’s reputation”.

Zakir had also made a police report against the minister, describing himself as “Dr Zakir Abdul Karim Naik and a permanent resident of Malaysia”, the MalayMail reported.

According to several other online news reports, the demand was served through Messrs Akberdin & Co today, stating that Kulasegaran had defamed Naik in a press release titled ‘Zakir Naik’s presence in Malaysia is embarrassing to all Malaysians’.

The press release had defamed Naik by painting him as someone who was dishonest and would abuse the Islamic religion for his own selfish purposes, and who unfairly and dishonestly accused Malaysian Hindus of being disloyal to Malaysia, the statement read.

Through the statement, Zakir also said that Kulasegaran had directly abused his position as the Human Resources Minister by misusing the ministry’s official letterhead for his personal and political gain when issued the press release with it.

Zakir then concluded that Kulasegaran had 48 hours to respond and apologise, along with suitable compensation.