Friday, December 13

SK Kuala Baram 2 pupils resume lessons in cleaner air after a week of school holidays


SK Kuala Baram 2 pupils are seen to be enjoying their schooling session today with outdoor activities after a week of school holidays.

MIRI: Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Kuala Baram 2 pupils resumed their lessons today in a cleaner air after a week of school holidays.

The primary school, which houses over 500 students, was badly affected by the forests and peat soil fires over the past week, with hazardous and unhealthy air quality being recorded in the area.

Miri Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) chief Law Poh Kiong, when contacted today, confirmed the situation in the school area was now safe and under control.

The Borneo Post visited the school this morning to look at the situation there.

However, headmaster Roslan Muhamad Yunus declined to comment on the current situation and emphasised that any statement should be provided by the Education Department.

A check at the school revealed clear skies and no imminent threat of haze.

SK Kuala Baram 2 pupils resumed their lessons today in a cleaner air after a week of school holidays.

Meanwhile, the air quality at Hamidah Welfare Complex in Kuala Baram, which was another badly affected area due to haze had also been reported to be in better condition.

“From reports received, the situation at Hamidah Welfare Complex is okay, much better compared to last week. But last week was school holidays so our children went back home to their families.

“They are all back yesterday for school today,” said the complex chairman Councillor Julaihi Mohamad.

Hamidah Welfare Complex is an orphanage with 57 orphans who study at nearby schools including SMK Lutong, SMK Merbau, SK Lutong and SK Tudan.

Both SK Kuala Baram 2 and Hamidah Welfare Complex is located very near, at a distance of approximately 500 metres away from the burning peat soil areas in Kuala Baram,

Last week, the API in the area had recorded a reading of over 300 which was deemed hazardous.

“Now things are getting better, although there is still a bit of fire and haze happening but it is not as bad as last week,” Julaihi added.