Saturday, September 19

Water supply resumes in Beverly Hill 2 today


From right) Councillors Victor Chong, Ranen Bhattacharyya and Angela Ko at the site.

PENAMPANG: Residents of all the 996 units at Beverly Hills 2 Apartment will start enjoying  water supply again today, thanks to the hard work of the new management service team.

“Water supply in the area was forecast to resume after completion of seven-day repair and maintenance works at the underground tank, repair of damaged main water pump and other facilities,” Philip Kong who is in charge of the repair works, said.

Considering the predicaments of the affected consumers and interest and welfare of  young students and office workers, he said his team decided to work round-the-clock since Saturday to complete the job.

“We worked day and night, rain or shine only to make sure that the agony of our community members will be shortened…,” Philip said, adding that he also received strong support from the new management service team spearheaded by chairman Calvin Chew.

He said water from the taps would freely flow once we switch on the valves early Monday morning.

Unless something happens beyond our control, he said his team do not foresee any problems in the water distribution.

Philip also said that the newly installed facilities will be closely monitored while cleaning of the underground tank is still ongoing.

Philip appealed to all the residents to inform the management team if they discover any pipe leakages in the area.

On his part, Calvin extended his appreciation to Philip and his team including all the newly elected officers of the council for their unselfish cooperation during the crisis.

“On behalf of the management council, I also wish to thank all the members of our Beverly Hills 2 community for the support, cooperation and understanding given to us during the past few days,” he said.