Thursday, June 4

Four new cases of wildfire increase affected areas to 2,027 acres


Bomba personnel hard at work to put out wildfire.

KUCHING: Four new cases of wildfire were recorded yesterday, bringing the total number of wildfires reported to 532 cases with 2,027 acres of forests affected.

According to Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba), in a statement, the department responds to an average of 30 cases of wildfires a day.

It said operations to extinguish the wildfires at Kampung Supak and Kampung Tuie, Sarabang – both in Betong – had ended but monitoring of the situation will be carried out from time to time.

In Taman Harmoni, Sri Aman, the operation to extinguish wildfire, which entered its 10th days, resumed at 9am yesterday with about seven acres of forest affected.

For Jalan Marudi, Miri, the operation to douse the flames continued at 9.05am yesterday with survey of the fire being conducted every two hours.

As for Lot 4041, 4042 and 3709 in Kuala Baram, the operation resumed at 8.45am yesterday, bringing the operation at the area to its 19th day.