Saturday, February 29

Police pensioner spends RM200 for Jalur Gemilang-themed baju Melayu


Former Tuaran Police chief Rahman Jali, show his Jalur Gemilang Baju Melayu. — Bernama photo

TAMPARULI: A patriotic Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) pensioner happily spent RM200 from his pension on a tailor-made Jalur Gemilang-themed baju Melayu outfit to celebrate the national month this year.

The 61-year-old former Tuaran Police chief Rahman Jali has turned the novel way of showing his patriotism into an annual routine since his retirement from government service in 2015.

“My willingness to spend RM200 to make a Jalur Gemilang baju Melayu is just a small sacrifice, while the sacrifices of those who fought and sought independence for the country were priceless.

“Nevertheless, I felt quite proud to put on the unique costume made from our national flag for the 2019 National Month celebration,” he told Bernama here yesterday.

In 2015, Rahman, who hails from Kampung Mengkabong in Tuaran, won a state-level National Day car decoration award.

He admitted that he never felt self-conscious while wearing a Jalur Gemilang Baju Melayu every time he attended any festivities, instead, he felt proud as many onlookers admired and praised the costume, as well as took pictures.

“I have no intention of showing off, rather, I intend to encourage patriotism in the community so the people will always love and appreciate our homeland,” he said.

Rahman admitted that he has a strong spirit of patriotism, moreover, he is a retired policeman who used to be involved in struggles to preserve independence.

“At least with this approach, I could help to spark the excitement to celebrate this year’s independence month, as well as encouraging the younger generation to do something useful for the country,” he said.

In this regard, he hoped that his efforts would not go to waste, instead he hoped other people could do more to spark the spirit of independence. — Bernama