Tuesday, May 24

Two primary schools in Miri close early as haze situation worsens with API readings over 400


Students are seen leaving SJKC Chung Hua Tudan after they were released earlier today due to the worsening haze in the area. Photo courtesy of Utusan Borneo

MIRI: Two primary schools here were forced to close today as the Air Pollutant Index (API) skyrocketed to hazardous levels.

According to the State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN), SK Kuala Baram II and SJK Chung Hua Tudan with a total of 606 and 1,364 pupils and pre-schoolers respectively were closed due to haze.

“The schooling session was stopped due to the severe haze situation, with API readings over 223.

“The school area was hit by haze as a result of forest fires near the school grounds. The API readings have been increasing, causing the schools to release their students early at around 9am. The worst affected schools are SJK C Chung Hua Tudan, which is located near the Industrial Training Institute (ILP),” said a statement from the Sarawak Education Department.

A screenshot of the API readings at ILP Miri at 12pm.

Other badly affected areas here following the hazardous and unhealthy levels of air quality included the Miri Community College, ILP Miri, and Miri National Skills Institute for Youths (IKBN Miri) located near the peat soil fires areas in Kuala Baram in Senadin constituency.

As of 12pm today, the API readings has breached hazardous levels at 411, while readings of 223 and 95 were recorded at SK Kuala Baram 2 and Miri stations, respectively.