Water supply interruption at Jalan Salim affects 12,000 households in Sibu


Repair works in progress in front of Sibu Foochow Association’s premise, Jalan Salim here.

SIBU: Some 12,000 households here are experiencing an interruption with their water supply caused by a burst water main this afternoon.

According to Sibu Water Board’s (SWB) Facebook – the affected areas are Jalan Stabau/Jalan Kong Yit Khim until Jalan Nibong Tada (including Jalan Bukit Penyau, Jalan Senangin, SWB Stabau Booster dan JBALB Nibong Tada Booster), Jalan Durin Kiba, Jalan Durin Bazaar, Jalan KJD, Jalan Upper Durin, Jalan Lower Durin, Jalan Naman, Jalan Sungai Pak, Jalan Salim until Jalan Jerrwit (including Lorong Salim 28, Jalan Kiew Nang, Jalan Helang, Jalan Siol, Lorong Salim 19, Lorong Salim 18, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce L/20, L/28 and L/32, Farley flat, Farley Supermarket, Sing Kwong Supermarket Salim, Jalan Sentosa, Lorong Salim 5, Jalan Kenari, Jalan Maludan, Jalan Poh Yew, Jalan Belatok, Jalan Bukit Lima Timur and Jalan Saujana), Jalan Pedada (including Rejang Medical Centre), Jalan Pelangi, Jalan Oya L/25-L/31, Jalan Maling, Jalan Kiong Tung, Jalan Diong Kik (including KFC and Li Hua Hotel), Jaya Li Hua (shops in Jalan Pahlawan and bus terminal), Jalan Old Oya, Jalan RTM, Taman Swan City and Jalan Unggas.

The valve was closed at 3pm to allow for repairs to take place, it said.

SWB’s contractor is currently trying to complete the repairing works as soon as possible, with works expected to be completed within six hours.

Notification of the disruption had been issued through SWB’s Facebook page, SMS and Telegram to the affected consumers.