Sunday, July 12

Kuching’s latest attraction ‘The Frame of MBKS’, launched


Chan (left side of frame) and Dr Sim (right side of frame) together with MBKS councillors pose for a photocall in front of ‘The Frame of MBKS’.

KUCHING: Kuching South City Council (MBKS) has launched its latest attraction in town, ‘The Frame of MBKS’.

It is a simple structure which consists of a three-dimensional MBKS signage set in a rectangular frame with built-in LED lighting.

Minister of Local Government and Housing Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian commended its mayor Datuk James Chan for being able to come up with such an idea as well as leaving behind a legacy of his mayorship. His term as mayor will end on Aug 31.

“It is a legacy. Chan creatively set this out so that the people of Kuching can visit and observe the MBKS city hall through the frame itself.

“I must thank the mayor for being creative and leaving behind a legacy of his 11 years with the city council,” Dr Sim said when met after declaring open the structure at Canna Lily Boulevard near MBKS headquarters here on Friday.

Chan, meanwhile, said the simple structure was also one of ways to promote Kuching as a tourist destination.

He added that if the frame were positioned correctly, it could perfectly capture a picturesque postcard view of the MBKS building.

“I have felt the need to set up some kind of a signage as a way to highlight MBKS. After several discussions we managed to come up with this idea.”

It is said that the frame itself could capture the views from both sides – the view of the MBKS building and a view away from it.

A recent press release said that the view towards the MBKS building metaphorically portrays hopes, visions and unity for all Kuchingnites. The view away from the building reflects the focal point of the council to serve Kuchingnites for a better future.

The three dimensional ‘MBKS’ signage as well as the frame adorned with LED lights, symbolise a welcoming entry point to the world for the council.

Graphic is painted on the platform, incorporating intersection of lines that mark the reference point of view for photo taking.

The colour of the floor coating – green, white and orange – signifies the vibrant, competitiveness and youthfulness of the council as it continues to move forward.

It is also said that every photo taken will appear to look like a magazine cover, with the city council hall as a backdrop.

“The Frame of Kuching is also an ‘Instagrammable’ spot, where people can take photos and post them in Instagram in an effort to promote MBKS on social media and connect it to the world,” according to a statement.