Monday, September 21

Septuagenarian motorcyclist killed after collision with lorry


The victim was killed on the spot after the crash.

DARO: A 72-year-old septuagenarian was killed after the motorcycle he was riding collided with a truck at Jalan Patai at about 7.30am yesterday morning.

Amir Omar, from Kampong Tengah, was believed to have died on the spot due to serious head injuries.

Matu-Daro district police chief Neil Beginda said the mishap occurred when both the victim and the driver were travelling between Jalan Patai and Kampong Cental Daro.

“The truck driver was overtaking the motorcyclist when he suddenly heard a crashing sound and alighted to find the victim lying on the road with a motorcycle beside him,” he said in a press statement.

It is believed that the left tire of the lorry had ran over and crushed the head of the victim after he fell down.

Paramedics arrived later and confirmed that the victim had died on the spot due to serious head injuries.

The case is being investigated under Section 41 of the Road Transport Act 1987.