Tuesday, April 13

SRDC divides jurisdiction into 27 zones for better services


Sempurai Petrus Ngelai

SIBU: Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) has divided its vast area spanning over 5,860 sq km into 27 zones to provide better services to the residents.

Its chairman, Sempurai Petrus Ngelai, said there are 29 councillors assigned to the cover the respective zones.

“Yes, all residents under the respective zones can look for their own councillors to assist them.

“Get to know them (councillors) and call them directly for any matter involving municipal services,” he reminded the people when contacted yesterday.

Sempurai said the zoning system was based on council rating and valuation boundary under the ward system. The council has 31 councillors, 16 of them new faces.

They are Lawrence Lun Lupang, Minggu Angga and Belawan Daut who are assigned to cover zones 25 and 27; Robert Asing, Binit Madang and David Entulu (21, 22 and 26); Menis Medan, Kusa Buan and Henry Kanyan Vincent Rawing (23 and 24); Munan John Andrew and Jeffery Nuing Ebom (1, 15 and 6 partially); Ling Tai (15 and 6 partially); Kong Chek King (16 and 17); Kong Yii Tee (18 and 20); Amping Ranggau (13); Jemat Lanyon ( 4 and 5); Tingaw Ubam (4); Rudan Genam (5); Frederick Taip Ledom and Phuang Ton Hing (16), Dee Tam and Gilbert Angok Musa (4 and 5); Tang Tung Kwang 7 to 10, 12 and 14); Boon Siew (19); Ting Fu Ying (6, 10 and 12); Halima @ Halimah Japar (18), Tiong Chee Jye (6 to 9 and 11) and Edward Edee Pasang and James Kusau (2 and 3).

The chairman admitted that it is not easy to cover every nook and corner of the vast SRDC area, which has more than 300 longhouses and two major townships – Sibu Jaya and Selangau bazaar.

Sempurai thus urged the people to be their eyes and ears of the council so that it could give them efficient and diligent municipal services.