Friday, July 30

Activist happy with personal feat of playing sape non-stop for over 3 hours


Anthony entertains the visitors to KPJ Health Care with his sape performance.

SIBU: A Kanowit-born sape maker is more determined than ever to promote the traditional lute-like musical instrument in Sibu, following his personal feat made at KPJ Health Care here last weekend.

Anthony Abong, who is chairman of Sibu Dayak Sape Club (KSDS), played the sape for three hours and 18 minutes straight during the National Day 2019 event on Saturday.

Anthony, 34, regarded such personal record as ‘something truly special’.

“This achievement is even more meaningful because I made on National Day,” he said when after completing his attempt.

However Anthony, who is now living in Pakan, admitted that it was not an easy task to play the sape that long.

He had been practising at KPJ Health Care every Saturday since early August, to prepare for the event.

“It’s important for me to get used to the place before the (day of the) actual performance.

“I was practising at my own pace – just enjoying myself, while trying to remember all the songs that I had learned.

“What’s important was for me to never give up. Imagine playing sape non-stop from 9am to 12.18pm – your arms would get definitely get tired,” he added.

Anthony also said as the chairman of the KSDS, he called upon members to always be ready to join as many activities as they could. In an interview with The Borneo Post here, he said he began playing sape in 2015 with his two friends.

Not long after that, he learned how to make the instrument.

Today, he makes sape full-time in Pakan. Occasionally, he would hold sape classes for those wanting to learn more about the instrument.

In his parting remarks, Anthony expressed his gratitude to the management and staff of KPJ Health Care, as well as the public for supporting the event, which was run by Borneo Event Entertainment in collaboration with KPJ Medical Centre.