Friday, July 10

Blockage at Kanowit Water Treatment Plant causes water disruption, supply to resume today


JBALB workers clearing the dirt and sediment that caused the blockage at the Kanowit Water Treatment Plant.

SIBU: The Sarawak Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) has identified the cause of the water supply disruption in Kanowit here after it found a blockage at the Kanowit Water Treatment Plant.

The blockage had affected a filtration tank at the plant, which led to the disruption.

“Results from our investigations on Aug 30 revealed there was a filter blockage at the filtration tank in Kanowit Water Treatment Plant – which led to the disruption of water supply from the filtration tank to the clean water well.

“Immediate action was taken by cleaning the remaining dirt sediments found in the sand filter. Technical issues with regards to the water filters was resolved and the filters were fully operational at 5pm yesterday,” JBALB said in a statement today.

JBALB Sibu had also delivered water supply using tankers to the affected areas since Sept 2.

Members of the public were made aware of the situation through the JBALB Sibu Facebook page (Rakan JBALB Bahagian Sibu).

“Water supply is expected to resume to normal in stages today and water supply delivery will continue to be delivered to the affected areas until it is fully resolved.”

Latest updates with regards to the issue will be posted in the official JBALB Sarawak and JBALB Sibu Division (Rakan JBALB Bahagian Sibu) Facebook pages.

Further enquiries or complaints can be lodged directly to JBALB Sibu Division office by calling 084-259100.