Thursday, August 6

Bukit Kota to have 120,000 durian trees


Dr Abdul Rahman (front centre) with other guests and MRP grant recipients.

MIRI: Bukit Kota constituency will have some 120,000 durian trees in the future.

Assistant Minister of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail said as such Limbang is poised to become a net exporter of durian.

“The Sarawak government has allocated RM1 million to Bukit Kota constituency to buy 60,000 Musang King durian variety seedlings to be distributed to eligible farmers. Once mature, it will double the existing 60,000 already mature fruit-bearing durian trees that are of local species in Limbang District alone.

“Thus Limbang will have to export durians as there will be more than enough for the local market,” he said on Wednesday during an event at the Kampung Bunga Raya hall.

He said in anticipation of the success of the durian development project and other commercial fruits such as matag coconut, jackfruit, rock melon, and pineapple, the Sarawak government is seeking investors to buy agricultural products from Limbang.

“Presently the state government is in the process of negotiating with the Brunei government to open another border post in Pendam-Lumapas to boost transborder movement including business networking in all sectors,” he said.

He called on northern Sarawak folk, particularly in Limbang Division, to equip themselves to reap maximum benefits from the accelerated development in various sectors in the area.

Dr Abdul Rahman presented minor rural project (MRP) grants totalling RM457,000 to 174 recipients during the event.

The recipients comprised parent-teacher associations of 24 primary and secondary schools, 17 churches, 48 Sarawak Federation of Women’s Institutes branches, 44 neighbourhood area committees, 10 Unity kindergartens, and 31 Community Development Department kindergartens.