Wednesday, August 4

Private land owners, Bomba join forces to put out wildfires


Naim workers work hard to put out a fire at Lot 3709 near a sandy path in Kuala Baram.

MIRI: Owners of private land and the Fire and Rescue Department joined forces yesterday to contain wildfires that contributed to the haze and the air pollution index (API) reading to rise to unhealthy levels yesterday.

Zone 6 Miri Bomba chief Law Poh Kiong said they had identified several areas that were still actively emitting smoke, raising the API reading from 99 at 2am to 107 at 3am and 150 at 6pm yesterday.

The areas included High Tension Cable areas behind Eastwood and a small plantation at Lot 3709 near the sandy path in Kuala Baram.

The wildfires were caused by farmers or irresponsible individuals who conducted open burning behind Eastwood, said Law.

“Several Pantai Bayu workers were also on the ground to tackle the fire by putting up fire breaks and putting out the fires, while Shin Yang workers monitored and extinguished fires on their fields.

“Naim workers, meanwhile, helped to douse a forest fire at Lot 3709 near a sandy path in Kuala Baram,” he added.

The API reading at Institute of Industrial Training (ILP) Miri and SK Kuala Baram 2 recorded moderate readings of 84 and 76, respectively at 6pm yesterday.