Saturday, February 29

Unemployed single mum appeals for aid


Sanjan (second left) with Anna and others outside her house.

KUCHING: Anna Francis Sapiu, a 57-year-old single mother from Kampung Masaan, Siburan, is seeking help to improve the condition of her home.

She also appealed for the single mothers’ monthly allowance, saying she is old and has no source of income.

Following her divorce years ago, Anna has raised her four children on her own.

“As of now, three of them already have their own families and have moved out of the house. However, the youngest is still studying and currently staying with his grandparents,” she said when visited by Sanjan Daik – political secretary to Stampin member of parliament Chong Chieng Jen on Friday.

“I am staying alone in my house. My house is already in a very poor condition but I have no means to repair it – even the water and electricity supplies are connected from my parents’ house nearby as I cannot afford to pay for the connection fee as well as monthly bills.”

She said her adult children do not have steady incomes and also have families of their own to take care of.Anna claimed to have previously registered for the e-Kasih programme under the Welfare Department but has not received any aid.

Sanjan advised Anna to seek help from her village head.

“I have also advised her to apply for a house under the Hardcore Poor Housing Programme (PPRT) or apply for some funds from the local representatives to repair her house,” he said in a statement yesterday.