Thursday, October 1

Lau: There should be established criteria in appointment of community leaders


(From 4th left) Lau, Siaw, Yeo, Stanley (fourth right) jointly cutting the mooncake.

SIBU: There should be an established criteria in the appointment of community leaders as it cannot be too much influenced by politics, opined Temenggong Dato Vincent Lau.

According to him, the appointment of community leaders was more than just an honour as it was about serving the people.

To this, he suggested that among the criteria for appointment of community leaders were the merits of the candidates, besides coming from the area that the community leader was to be assigned to serve.

“Because I think the appointment of these community leaders is becoming too political.

“Of course, I think what happens here is that – I heard, normally (the candidate is) recommended by political parties in the government. I think even those in the government, people’s elected representatives (YB) or ministers – I think when they appoint the people (community leaders) – they have to look at the people’s suitability. There should be established criteria to select the community leaders,” he said at Sibu Division Chinese Community Leaders Association’s Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner here last night.

“Otherwise, it becomes some sort of individual person’s like or dislike – that may arise a situation of favouritism, which I think is no good because those appointed have the responsibility to serve the people.

“That means the commitment of the people who are appointed, integrity – all these have to count. So, we feel that community leaders appointment, including that of councillors – cannot be too much influenced by politics,” said Lau, who is the president of Sibu Division Chinese Community Leaders Association.

He remarked that unless people were committed to serve, when appointed, they would not be able to carry out their duty effectively and efficiently, because there was no commitment.

He also stressed on the importance of objectivity (in appointment of community leaders) to avoid creating unhappiness among the people, “as some people may feel why a particular person is appointed and not the other individual”.

Towards this end, Lau explained that community leaders were assigned to serve a particular area.

Hence, it was better for those appointed should come from that area, rather from another place, he reiterated.

“Because the people who live in that area, if they are appointed as community leaders – they are more familiar with the people and situation there.

“Community leaders among others, help the government to some endorsements – certify certain documents – so, the community leaders there must have some background of the people there – more or less, know them to carry out their job effectively and efficiently,” he highlighted.

On the function, he pointed out that this was good platform to cement the ties and rapport among the community leaders toward serving the people.

He was glad to note community leaders have been working throughout the year to serve the people.

Organising chairman Kapitan Yeo Soun Kou also spoke at the function.

Among those present were Sibu Resident Charles Siaw and Temenggong Stanley Geramong and other community leaders.