Sunday, June 7

Tawau school scores 100% passes in IGCSE exam


Yapp Sook Min Mercy and Foo Jing Tze with Charis International School principal Professor Dr Debra Sim.

TAWAU: Fourteen Charis International School students who sat for the IGCSE examination in June this year obtained at least one A in seven to nine subjects that they sat for in the examination.

Two of the candidates who scored straight As in all the eight or nine subjects that they took were Fong Jacq (5A+s/4As) and Yapp Sook Min Mercy (3A+s/5As).

Another distinction student, Foo Jing Tze, scored 2A+s/5As/1B in the nine subjects that she took.

When asked about their secrets in achieving good grades, Fong Jacq said that when she decided to apply to sit for the exam a year early, she put in more efforts to study for two academic years in a year.

She said she set goals or ideal grades first and then arranged her time wisely in planning her daily study regime.

She ensured she got enough sleep, so that she could have the energy to gain more knowledge and cope with heavy learning, besides being optimistic and believing in herself.

Mercy Yapp said that she had strong curiosity at an early age, especially in the exploration of knowledge.

She thinks this has benefited her in her studies and she was always looking out for more knowledge.

She said that Charis International School allows students to use the iPad in the class and it allows her to have great convenience in learning as she can search websites and various topics at any time, which also enhances her interest in learning. She also uses the tablet to make notes and it helps a lot when she does her revision.

Christine Foo said, she was very surprised to get such good results. She thanked her teachers for helping her improve her English.

During the revision process, understanding, practising and completing the past years exam questions had strengthen her grasp of the subjects that she was going to tackle in her exam, so that she can answer confidently in the exam.

She encouraged her juniors who are going to sit for the exam in the coming year not to burn the midnight oil. They should start preparing their own notes and pay attention during classes.

Besides the three high achievers mentioned above, the other successful candidates are Darrow Loo Hon Man (3A+s/1B), Jayson Salazar (2A+s), Pang Cheng Tong (1A+/3As/4Bs), Chin Hui Sze (1A+/3As/3Bs), Lee Jia Wei (1A+/2As/3B), Ooi Jun Xin (1A+/1A), Chong Jeng Haw (1A+/1A/2B), Mohd Daniel Iqbal bin Edi (1A+), Fung Siew Fong (2As/1B), Tey Jia Wen (2As) and Lee Chang Zhi (1A/1B).

A 100% passing rate was obtained in all the subjects except Business Studies (80% pass), Combined Science (80%), ICT (92%) and Mathematics (93%). In all these 13 subjects, 11%-100% candidates scored A+/A.

Some students excelled in certain subjects: Darrow Loo Hon Man was the only candidate who obtained A+ in ESL, Foo Jing Tze and Fong Jacq both scored A+ in Mathematics, Mercy Yapp alone scored A+ in Additional Mathematics and Chemistry, while Fong Jacq alone achieved A+ in accounting and in combined science.

Despite Charis being a relatively young international school, having been established in 2014, we are very proud of the outstanding achievements of our students in this IGCSE examination and would wish them continued success in their future undertakings, be it in further academic pursuit or career advancement.