Saturday, February 29

‘40km of Pan Borneo Highway in Betong ready by year-end’


Workers are seen doing the pavement work. — Photo courtesy of LBU

KUCHING: A 40km stretch of Pan Borneo Highway in Betong Division is expected to be ready by end of this year.

The project delivery partner Lebuhraya Borneo Utara Sdn Bhd (LBU) in a statement published in its website, said works on the Batang Skrang to Sungai Awik stretch, or Works Package 05 (WPC05) are progressing well.

“So far, we have opened about 3km of the first carriageway to traffic and we are optimistic that by end of the year we will be able to open the first carriageway before we move on to work on the second carriageway,” said WPC05 project manager Chan Ching Soo in a statement.

The WPC05 is located 240km from Kuching and 200km from Sibu. This works package is sub-divided to two sections, namely, Betong (33.70km) and Spaoh (34.24km).

According to LBU, the main components of this works package are the main carriageway, nine bridges with three in Betong section and six in Spaoh section, and the iconic Betong Interchange which is located at the Betong junction, and a pedestrian overhead bridge.

As for the construction of the three-span Betong Interchange, Chan said one span had been launched with the other two by November this year.

“This interchange will provide smoother connectivity for road users and easy access to Betong once it is completed by middle of next year,” Chan added.

He added that five bridges, namely, Babu, Burui, Padeh, Paku and Layar, would be ready by end of this year.

WPC05 is one of 11 WPCs of the Pan Borneo Highway project in Sarawak, which stretches 1,077km.