Saturday, July 11

Air quality drops out of ‘unhealthy’ category in Kuching as API falls below 100


An image on the Asean Specialised Meteorological Centre shows hotspots, haze, rainfall and wind direction in Borneo as of 1am on Sept 12. Photo source:

KUCHING: The Air Pollutant Index (API) for the city has dropped below 100 for the first time in a week after nearly breaching the 300 ceiling for ‘hazardous’ air quality levels last weekend.

The API readings at 1am this morning was 86, bringing relief and relatively clear skies back to the city after a week of hazy conditions and choking air quality levels.

However, Sri Aman is still recording unhealthy air quality levels with an API reading of above 150 last night.

An API reading for good air quality is from zero to 50, 51 to 100 is moderate, 101 to 200 is unhealthy, 201 to 300 is very unhealthy and 300 and above is hazardous.

According to the Asean Specialised Meteorological Centre’s website, favourable wind directions are currently shifting the haze from hotspots all over Kalimantan away from major towns and cities in Sarawak.

Schools are expected to remain open as the air quality levels improve.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department on its website is also predicting isolated showers over certain areas in the state today.