Thursday, August 6

Body found in Labuan waters not the last of three friends who went missing on fishing trip


The three friends who went missing after they failed to return from a fishing trip off Pulau Sari in Lawas yesterday. Two of their bodies have been found. File Photo

LAWAS: The body found near Labuan waters at around 6pm yesterday was not that of 26-year-old Mohamad Amirul Bakar, one of the three anglers who failed to return from their fishing trip here on Monday.

Family members and friends who were called in to identify the body said it was not Amirul.

Lawas district police chief DSP Roslan Leman confirmed this when contacted today.

“The third body was not of the victim who was reported missing, after three rounds of physical identification by family members and friends of the third victim,” he said.

Roslan disclosed that there was a missing person reported at Kuala Penyu Police Station in Beaufort, Sabah.

“The family of the victim from Kuala Penyu will come this afternoon for the identification process,” he added.

Following this, the search and rescue operation to locate the missing victim was reactivated at around 2pm today.

The first body from the group of friends who went missing was found at Sungai Labi-Labi here at around 8.40am on Tuesday which was later identified as 30-year-old Yeu Chee Tiong.

Meanwhile, the second body, identified as 29-year-old Farouk Arlan Ahmad Sabri, was later found at around 11.30pm the same day by Kampung Punang’s Bomba Volunteer Unit and villagers of Kampung Punang.