Monday, November 18

Call for action on sanitation problems in Semporna


Piles of rubbish such as these at Semporna vegetable market are an eyesore affecting the beauty of Semporna.

SEMPORNA: The local leaders here should not be solely blamed over issues relating to sanitation problems, illegal hawkers and other pressing issues in the district.

Semporna district chief Sulaiman Abdullah said that as the people’s representative here, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal has appointed officers to manage and develop this district at the district-level.

Sulaiman said the people should be aware that these issues have been dragged on for a long time and that the responsible parties should be aware of the situation.

He said that as there are many shortcomings or weaknesses in the district, the local authorities should take immediate steps to address these quickly and find solutions to the many issues arising.

“These matters need to be resolved immediately as failing to do so and delay in attending to it will tarnish the image of the district, which is now known as an international tourism destination,” he added.

Meanwhile, hawkers in Semporna vegetable market, Hussin Dani and Tinda Indanan, when met, said the situation has become worse recently with sewage in the drains overflowing onto the streets.

The sewage, said Hussin, emanates from the hotels, restaurants and other business premises, and should be attended to immediately as the foul smell it produces is affecting the people in the district.

Another hawker in the town area, Abdul Rafi Jamal, when asked about the current sanitary situation, said that the situation should be addressed immediately as it is causing discomfort to the people besides affecting their business.