Monday, November 18

New traffic lights will benefit schoolchildren


The new traffic lights being installed near SMK Sandakan for students’ safety.

SANDAKAN: The new traffic lights installed by the Public Works Department (JKR) at Mile 1.5, Jalan Utara here will definitely benefit many school children as well as the public. “They are certainly in the right place,” said Taren Sunil Manoharan, the head of the Highway and Public Utilities Committee (HPUC).

He pointed out that several schools are located in the area and it is quite chaotic during school dismissal time when groups of school children usually try to squeeze their way past heavy traffic to cross the road.

“The safety of the school children and other pedestrians is of prime importance and I believe the traffic lights will help provide some sort of order during such rush hours,” he added.

Taren Sunil and other members of HPUC were present to observe the installation work done by JKR recently and they were pleased with the results.

“I am sure parents as well as drivers will also find relief that traffic lights have been installed at this junction as they will ease the chaos during school dismissal time,” he added.

“The various committees under the Sandakan Municipal Council are always in regular contact with the Public Works Department, the Drainage and Irrigation Department and other government and government-linked authorities to look into ways to make things easier and more convenient for the Sandakan public. I believe the installation of these traffic lights will in a way contribute towards that objective,” he said.