Friday, July 30

KK air quality nears unhealthy


Kampung Gayang in Tuaran was hardly visible yesterday.

KOTA KINABALU: The state capital was experiencing moderate air quality as of 2pm yesterday.

Although the capital city of neighbouring Sarawak, Kuching was declared as the most polluted city in the world two days ago due to the worsening haze, Kota Kinabalu still registered a moderate API of 91 but it was near unhealthy level.

The API readings in Kota Kinabalu showed the maximum at 92.

API has increased for the past 48 hours since Sunday.

API of 0-50 indicates good air quality; 51- 100 is considered moderate; 101-200 unhealthy; 201-300 very unhealthy and above 300, hazardous.

In Tawau, the haze condition improved from unhealthy to moderate yesterday.

After experiencing unhealthy API reading since Friday, the API reading was 84 at 7pm on Sunday.

The API reading was 140 at 6am and started to go down gradually yesterday after an early morning rain.